Acne Treatments Before and After Photo Using the Face Reality System

Acne Treatments Before and After Photo Using the Face Reality System

Are you sick of avoiding pictures because of a breakout? Maybe you’re to the point where you’re avoiding social events and other things in life because of your acne!

Or, maybe there’s a teenager you love that is embarrassed about their acne and struggling with endless breakouts?

Whether it’s you or someone you love, acne can impact you at home, at school, socially, and even at work.

There are SO many acne treatments on the market that it can be overwhelming. Plus, when you DIY acne treatments, you have test a number of options first to figure out what’s going to work and that can get expensive! We’ve got a better plan.

Come talk to the acne experts at Anna Elizabeth Esthetics!

Acne Treatments at Anna Elizabeth Esthetics


Scheduling a consultation is your first step toward clear skin. During your first consultation, I’ll evaluate your skin and help you pin point factors that are contributing to your acne. We’ll develop a treatment plan and I’ll explain the Face Reality program to you in detail.

The Face Reality program is known for being one of the most effective acne treatment programs on the market for two reasons. One, it’s not a “one size fits all” product. The Face Reality system comes with a number of different products that I can use to customize your treatment plan.

Two, Face Reality isn’t something you’re going to find in your local big box store because they only want trained professionals using it. You’ll only get access to the Face Reality by working with a licensed professionals that is trained by Face Reality as an acne expert.

What to Expect When You Join Our Acne Treatment Program

The acne treatment program at Anna Elizabeth Esthetics is just that…a program. It is not a one-time deal. The Face Reality Acne Treatment Program consists of both in-studio treatments and at-home products. Everyone that wants to clear up their acne by joining this program needs to commit to both the in-studio treatments and at-home products.

Doing both is the most effective way to get you back to a time when you weren’t embarrassed of your skin!


Face Reality Acne Treatment Program:

All Clients must purchase product line to have treatments. Expect $150 for full line of products.

Acne Consultation Only- 45 minutes
Includes a thorough assessment of your skin to determine skin type, acne type and skin tolerance. Then we’ll go over other factors that may be contributing to your acne and I’ll recommend an ongoing treatment plan that clears up your skin.

Acne Consultation + Treatment
You can start clearing up your acne by booking a consultation and treatment in the same day. At this visit, we’ll do a thorough consultation that includes everything mentioned above, then we’ll get right work by doing your first corrective skin treatment and extractions.

 Acne Treatment Session - 45 minutes
Bi-weekly in-studio acne treatment session that includes a progress assessment, acne treatment and extractions.

Back Acne Treatments -45 minutes  $85
Analysis of your skin’s condition, treatment and extractions.

Ways to Save

Purchase a package of 6 Acne Treatments for $450 and save $60!


Is Face Reality safe?

Yes! Many skin care professionals use prescription drugs to treat acne. However, prescriptions can have harsh chemicals and some pretty ugly side effects. Face Reality is both safe and effective!

Do I really need an esthetician to treat my acne?

Let's put it this way, you don't NEED an Esthetican to treat your acne. You can definitely try to figure it out yourself using "one size fits all" over the counter options or harmful prescription drugs. But, if you want a safe, effective plan that tailored to you that will get results, then yes, you need me :-)

Will my skin get red and irritated from treatments?

No, your skin shouldn't become irritated. If it does, we'll evaluate what's going on and change up your treatments. This is another reason why working with a trained professional is important!